• Helping Others International

    Bringing communities together in times of emergencies.

Bringing communities closer together.

This app has been developed to help communities in times of emergencies.

A community can be a group of families living in a street, shop owners, small towns, retirement or gated communities, or anywhere a group of people or families want to help each other. The app features allows you to create more than one group if you are intending to join more than one local community group, or want to also join a work group. By using this app, you will be able to easily and quickly notify each member of the group with the push of a button that you have a Critical or Medical Emergency requiring the group’s immediate assistance.

Critical Emergency

The Critical Emergency button is pressed when you require the immediate assistance of the community or group. There are various reasons to use this button, from a fire in the house, an intruder in or around your house, a domestic issue, etc.

Medical Emergency

The Medical Emergency button is pressed when you require the immediate assistance of the community due to a medical emergency. There are various reasons to use this button where you may not be in a position to contact the emergency services directly from being incapacitated, unable to speak, etc.

General Information

The General Information button is pressed when you want to notify your group that you require general assistance or provide general information of interest. A text box will appear where you can type the information you want others in your community to be aware of.

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Voice Notifications

Voice notification from group member requesting emergency assistance.

Distinct Ring Tone

District ring tone played when emergency is received.

Multiple Groups

Create or join multiple groups, you can swipe phone to access each group.

Seperate Logins

Create seperate logins for different locations.


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