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The Helping Others International Story.


Where It All Began...

The concept of this app came about when the mother of the designer, who was living at home on her own fell and broke her hip, and remained in agony on the floor until she was discovered 12 hours later. Unfortunately, due to complications and her age, she passed away several months later.

The daughter of the designer was at home alone when an intruder broke into her house. Although the daughter managed to contact the authorities, the intruder may have caused serious harm had she not managed to leave the house without being seen. The daughter watched the intruder casually leave the home carrying valuables, and managed to escape before any authorities arrived.

The designer of this app decided to create a quick and inexpensive app that would help others in times of emergencies. He felt passionate enough to outlay the expense to create this app so that others would have a quick and easy way to contact their local community for help. He also considered the various reasons why a community would need help, and created the three options available in the app without making the app overly complicated.
The Critical and Medical Emergency buttons allow for an immediate notification to community members who have joined a social group that one of the members requires immediate assistance.
He considered that in most cases, by obtaining assistance from the local community whilst waiting for medical or enforcement authorities to arrive, that the extent of the emergency would be minimized. He also believes that by communities agreeing to help each other in times of emergencies that they become closer and more social by interacting with each other.

He hopes that this app will provide some relief to communities who are concerned that they are alone when emergencies arise, and that they can rely on their community for help.

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